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Welcome to Listolia, where digital curating becomes easy.

Listolia makes it super-easy for you to create a curated list on any topic of your choice and share it. You can create a list of books, tweets, favourite products, most loved articles, videos or audio clips. You can share the lists with your friends and followers. You can also explore lists created by other people and find people who share your interests.

Listolia is founded by Manish Sahajwani (Chat with him on Twitter). Manish strongly believes in the power of curation by real people in building interest-driven online communities.

The job of the digital curator though nascent is a valuable one. Every day we scout for recommendations on what to buy, where to eat, which place to visit or what to read. Drawn from the word curare the earliest curators took care of their physical collections and constantly updated them. They were the original guardians of collections in art and other artefacts.

Tara Tan, designer and investor, talks about the role of curators in helping us navigate the world.

"Creators who have ascended to the status of Curators — are on the speartip of a movement that's about finding new and direct ways of capturing value from the micro-economy that revolves around them. Super Creators create more than just content. By publishing great content that resonates (via tweets, videos, newsletters, etc), Super Creators create a flurry of economic and cultural activity around them and tend to curate an ecology of like-minded content, conversation, brands, and products that their followers resonate with, and can tap into. Super Creators, with a sizeable following, transform into Curators. Curators are way finders for a sprawling web. They discover, guide, and navigate their followers towards relevant digital content and goods that's hard to find just by SEO."

Today you can access the picks of digital curators who handpick books, wine, gadgets, clothes, video games, online courses at the click of a button. They constantly research and explore to bring new delights to their audience. Some uncover the vintage to enable a resurgence of things and trends forgotten. Almost everyone is a digital curator in their areas of interest or follow the ubiquitous influencers for everything from sneakers to the latest in biotechnology. Curation has moved from things alone to information, film, articles, digital art, and beyond.

Listolia's goal is to enable you with the tools to create the best lists with different types of content where you can showcase your expertise, build your personal brand and succeed in the curator economy. You can use Listolia to further your business too by curating your products.

Thank you and we look forward to your curated lists. Please be sure to also explore all the great carefully curated lists by our community.