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Listolia is an all-in-one content curation platform that makes it super-easy for you to curate content from everywhere and stay ahead.

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From Everywhere

Whether it is the books you must have, articles you want to read later, videos you found interesting, your favorite recipes, things you want to buy, or anything else. Save it to Listolia with one click. Once saved, your content is ready for consumption right within.

Organize Content

Into Actionable Lists

Say goodbye to unorganized notes and bookmarks. Organize your curated content in beautiful lists that help you find it and act on it. Create lists for your research, learning plans, product wish lists, inspiration boards, timelines, travel itineraries, or any type of list with ease.

Share Your Content

And Collaborate

Share your curated lists (or keep them private) with everyone, or with specific people. Invite others to collaborate with you on the lists. Make your lists public to inspire everyone. Or, create unique links to share it with specific people. Share your curated content on social media from right within your dashboard.

Discover Lists

From Other Curators

Find and save lists created by other people based on your interests. Follow topics to personalize your feed and receive popular content. Save ideas from these lists into your workspace. Connect with like-minded people who share your interest.


Your Expertise

Get a beautiful profile page where you showcase your expertise by sharing what you're curating with the world. Gain new audience as an influencer in your industry.
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